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Does Your Dog Have Tear Stains?

OcuBright Is The #1 Solution.


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We have switched to this product exclusively since giving it a try. The product effectively reduces tear stains and is very palatable! I will continue to use it and recommend it to all our clients.”

– Danielle Wallek, DVM, 2015
Corpus Christi Animal Medical, Corpus Christi, TX 78413

“We have tried expensive foods, wipes, creams, powders and nothing worked. Our vet recommended OcuBright and within the first week I noticed a difference. By the second week the results were amazing! Thank you for this product and for helping Tank have his original, beautiful face back!!!”

– Amy Greer, 2016

“I commonly use products that prevent or remove tear stains on dogs. The biggest advantage of the OcuBright product is that it comes in a palatable, pre-measured, easy-to-give treat. We have seen good results, and the dogs love it.”

– Robert L. Swinger, DVM, DACVO, 2011
Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

“Thank you for the bottle of OcuBright. I gave 10 treats to my 8 months old Shih Tzu/Maltese mix and his tear stains are gone. I am VERY pleased with OcuBright.”

– Mary Sharpe, 2015

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It works as advertised

By Frank Capella on June 10, 2014

“OcuBright RSSS200 has worked, and continues to do so. It made my dogs red colored hair around her mouth turn white starting after just 3 days of use. It continues to brighten the hair around her mouth just as it advertises.”

I love OcuBright it completely removed my poor little girls red…

By Betty Egger on June 29, 2014

“I love OcuBright it completely removed my poor little girls red eyes that she has all her life and had got very bad. She has no signs of red eye at all. Recommended to anyone who’s doggy has red eyes.”