OcuBright Makes
Tear Stains Disappear

As a veterinarian, you probably see dogs with excessive tearing.  Beneath their eyes
are the telltale signs – dark, reddish stains.
OcuBright has emerged as the cutting-edge solution.  It has been proven to work on all breeds with tearstains. 
Unlike other companies that sell powder products that are sprinkled over the
dog’s food, making it difficult to determine exactly how much the
dog consumes, OcuBright is a once-a-day, pre-measured,
chewable, soft, real beef snack that dogs love.
In clinical studies, OcuBright was tested to be palatable and
effective with no side effects.

·  Eliminates tear stains in weeks

·  A soft, chewable, real beef treat

·  Dogs love the taste

·  Palatable, safe and effective

·  Once daily dosing.  No messy powder 

·  Successfully passed a clinical study

"We’re delighted with OcuBright.  It is
by far the best tear stains
on the market.”
Paul Camilo, Mgr
Hometown Animal Hosp
"OcuBright’s clinical tests support what
our patients found out. In just a few weeks
 tear stains disappear completely,
without adverse side effects.”

Christine Menendez, Mgr
Aventura Animal Hosp
"OcuBright is a palatable, pre-measured,
easy-to-give treat.  In our clinical trials
we saw excellent results, and the 
dogs loved it."
Robert Swinger, DVM, DACVO
"I recommend OcuBright to all my clients. OcuBright is safe and it works.
Within weeks tearstains are gone.”
Joel Beth Mitchell, DVM
"Huge positive feedback on
OcuBright from my clients.”
Allison Glassman, DMV
Brewster, New York