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  • The product is wonderful

    and is the only product that works for my Yorkie.

    – Sheila McGann

  • For years, I have been trying to find a product that actually works.

    I have spent a fortune and a lot of time and frustration trying to rid my beautiful Maltese (Bentley) of the dark tear stains under his eyes and around his mouth. Even those that worked, stopped after awhile. Also, I learned they were not good for the dog and he hated taking it. Thankfully, I found OcuBright through a friend. It's amazing!!! So easy to use. It actually works and is not bad for your dog. I’m so thrilled and I want to tell everyone with a little white dog. It's the best!!!!! Thank you OcuBright!!! You're my hero!!

    – Pamela Santori
    Redondo Beach, CA

  • “We are based in Germany and we have a Maltese with serious tearstain problems.

    Our vet here had a sample of Ocubright, which he got from a conference somewhere, and he gave it to us. It worked perfectly, and our dog's eyes got better. However, now that the Ocubright sample is finished, we are having lots of trouble finding more, and our vet here is unable to get more from your company. So, I am emailing you to ask - when will your product be available here in Germany / Europe? If it already is, how can we get it? Can we order it directly, or can we give you our vet details to get him to order it? Just to stress, our dog REALLY needs your product. His eyes are now deteriorating again and he is suffering. Please tell us how we can get your product here as quickly as possible.

    – Mark O'Neil

  • I used the OcuBright for only 6 days and the tear stains are completely eliminated

    Dear Dr. Glassman,

    THANK YOU FOR recommending the OCUBRIGHT!!!!!!  After 14 years of trying many products, my precious bichon’s eyes are no longer tear stained. I used the OcuBright for only 6 days and the tear stains are completely eliminated – it was so easy – my dog thought he had some new delicious treats.

    This product works!

    - Lois Paritsky
    Brewster, NY

  • Tiki is my 9-year-old bulldog. She used to constantly lick her fur, which had reddish stains.

    Just a few weeks after trying OcuBright, her fur began to clear up. Now she looks brighter, cleaner and healthier. She's stopped licking her paws. And she actually seems happier.

    - Eric Prager, Dog Owner
    Annapolis, MD

  • With Ocubright, his stains never came back

    I would just like to tell you that I gave my Maltese OcuBright for 2 months and his stains never came back. I used angel eyes for 2 years and they would come back if I stopped using it for a week or so, but after stopping your product the stains never came back and it's been over a year. Thanks so much. I am recommending this product to my dog groomer so she can tell all her clients who own white dogs.


    Carol Fragano

  • With OcuBright my dogs have clear, beautiful eyes.

    I gave OcuBright to my 12-year-old Shih Tzu and my 9-year-old Brussels Griffon. Both dogs loved the taste of the small treat and never had any digestion problems. In just one week, I saw results. NO TEARING!
    I’ve tried many tear stain products that didn’t work. With OcuBright my dogs have clear, beautiful eyes. I would recommend OcuBright to anyone who has had tearing problems with their dogs.

    Jo Anne Dexter Coffin

  • I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am with the results...

    Ocubright was introduced to me by my vet's office, Doral Centre. I have dealt with tearing stains in my Clumber Spaniels for many, many years. Short of surgery, nothing helped.
    Six weeks ago, I gave Ocubright a try on my two puppy Clumbers. Harley, who is 12 months now and Finn, who is five months now. Both of them had tearing stains, but Harley's was the worst I have yet encountered.
    I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am with the results we have gotten in just six weeks. Harley's eyes are so much clearer, clearer than I could have ever hoped for. The before and after, just at this point, are incredible. Finn's tearing stains are all but gone.
    Your product is simply incredible! Thank you so very much! I am going to tell all my Clumber friends!

    Kelli Ann Willis
    Miami, Florida

  • Dolce has remained very white and had no tearstains

    I have a Maltese name Dolce. He is white, but about four years ago, he started turning brown and had dark tearstains. I tried Ocubright.
    After just one week, I saw results. I could not believe it because I had tried many things before and nothing had changed. Since that time four years ago Dolce has remained very white and had no tearstains.
    Only recently have the tearstains started coming back, and I will go with OcuBright again. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone who has a dog with tearstain issues.

    Selina Clark
    Very Satisfied Customer

  • I cannot believe how well your product works.

    “I cannot believe how well your product works. Cash looks so much better. Because he is so small, I give him just one-half an OcuBright treat each day, and he has no more tear stains.”

    Carol Smith

  • It works so well in eliminating unsightly tear staining

    I am writing to let you know how satisfied I am with your product, OcuBright. As a groomer I appreciate the fact that it works so well in eliminating unsightly tear staining. Also that the medicine is delivered in the form of a treat that no dog refuses, and there are no messy powders or liquids like other products on the market. I give OcuBright to my own dog and was astonished at the remarkable result. I recommend your product to all my clients because I truly believe in it.
    Thank you for introducing me to this breakthrough product.


    Joni Signoriello

  • I am VERY pleased with OcuBright.

    Thank you for the bottle of OcuBright. I gave 10 treats to my 8 month old Shih Tzu / Maltese mix and his tear stains are gone. I am VERY pleased with OcuBright.

    Mary Sharpe

  • Ocubright does work and Joya's eyes look so much better

    This is RoseMarie from California. OcuBright does work and my dog’s (Joya), eyes look so much better. I do plan to contact at least one of the Vet’s and see if they will start to carry it.

    RoseMarie Pronovost

  • It works as advertised

    OcuBright RSS200 has worked, and continues to do so. It made my dogs red colored hair around her mouth turn white after just 3 days of use. It continues to brighten the hair around her mouth just as it advertises.

    - Frank Capella

  • I love OcuBright it completely removed my poor little girls red...

    I love OcuBright it completely removed my poor little girls red eyes which she has had all her life and had gotten very bad. She has no signs of red eye at all now. Recommended to anyone whose doggy has red eyes.

    - Betty Egger

  • I love this! It is very convenient being chewable and...

    I love this! It is very convenient being chewable and it’s the only one I’ve found that works to the point where there are no signs of ever having ‘poodle eyes.’ After the first 30 days it’s 7 days on, 30 days off, so it lasts forever! I am sold!!

    - Kim

  • Outstanding!

    Totally eliminated the tears and resulting red stains from my white dog’s face. I definitely recommend this product to anyone whose dog has a tear-stained face.

    - William D. Mavredes

  • Five Stars

    Seems to have done the job. It will probably take time to know for sure.

    - Norbaby

  • this is the best product for getting and keeping your white dog from...

    This is the best product for getting and keeping your white dog from getting brown under their eyes or around their mouths. I have been using it for over 4 years. The first time it lasted around 3 years, and then I saw his eyes getting a little brown again, so I bought another bottle. Didn’t even have to use the whole bottle I just used it for 2 weeks then off for 1 week, than another week. Great Product!!!!!

    - Carol Fragano

  • I’m a repeat user

    My vet gave me my first bottle for free because someone gave it to him to try. It took about 2 weeks to see a difference and about a month to achieve good results. I liked it enough to buy it, as all the other products have bad reviews. As you can see by the photos there’s a huge difference. I also liked that the ingredients are mainly supplements and my dog loves the treats. The only down side is the expense.

    - Dolores Costo

  • Awesome products

    This was suggested by a friend with a Shih Tzu and it works amazing. My babies face looks so much better and tear stains are almost gone after only a couple of weeks.

    - Published by Jeremy191

  • This stuff really works – and with no apparent side...

    This stuff really works – and with no apparent side effects. My vet gave me a sample and I’m sold. It made my white poodle’s tear stains disappear.

    - Alicia A.

  • My baby looks beautiful!!

    Wow these work great. My baby looks beautiful!!

    - Published by dragonsft

  • I am really pleased with

    It took tear stains off my dog’s face, I am really pleased with the results.

    - Lena Koster

  • Great product!

    I’ve seen a difference on my Malteses’ face. I’m buying another for one of my other dogs. Great Product!

    - Lizette Piedra Costales

  • Clear up tear stains

    Great for our little white dog, really keeps the tear stains down to a minimum.

    - Larry S.

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