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  • I have been using OcuBright in my patients with tear staining for the past several years.

    This product surpasses all expectations. I have been pleased with the rapid clinical results for my patients and more importantly, my clients are happy with the product. I have worked in both specialty ophthalmology practice as well as general practice and have had great success with OcuBright. Dosing is based on the patients weight range in convenient once daily chewable tablets. I have tried OcuBright at the recommendation of the veterinary ophthalmologist colleague, my search was over, this product works!

    – Lola DuTremble, DVM
    Webster, New York

  • Thanks. We are hearing great things from our clients

    about OcuBright and it’s effectiveness. It works!”

    – Dr. Dan Brogdon
    Savannah Animal Eye Clinic

  • A few of our clients tried it, while being excited about it being a small meaty chewable treat that they could use instead of a powder or water additive.

    We have noticed it working well with many of our grooming clients, and they have continued to buy it from us since we started to carry it. We like OcuBright because it does work, and it is easy for our clients to use.

    – Cheryl
    Corpus Christi Animal Medical

  • I recommend OcuBright to all of my clients who have light-colored dogs.

    The product is safe, and it really works. Usually, within a few weeks tear stains are gone!

    - Joel Beth Mitchell, DVM
    Aventura Animal Hospital
    Aventura, FL

  • OcuBright's is palatable, pre-measured, easy-to-give treat.

    In our clinical trials we saw excellent results, and the dogs loved it!

    - Robert L. Swinger, DVM, DACVO
    VCA Animal Hospital
    Aurora, IL

  • Huge positive feedback on OcuBright from my clients.

    Huge positive feedback on OcuBright from my clients.

    - Allison Glassman, DMV
    Roosevelt Veterinary Center
    Brewster, NY

  • We’re delighted with the results we’re getting from OcuBright.

    This is by far the best tear stain product on the market.

    - Paul Camilo, Practice Administrator
    Hometown Animal Hospital
    Weston, FL

  • OcuBright's clinical tests support what our patients found out.

    In just a few weeks tear stains disappear completely, without adverse side effects.”

    - Christine Menendez, Practice Administrator
    Aventura Animal Hospital
    Aventura, FL

  • We heard from our customers so many good things about OcuBright

    We’ve had many products for tear staining but nothing worked. We heard from our customers so many good things about OcuBright, so we decided to sell it in our clinic and never looked back.

    - Kelly McIntyre
    Luv N Care Animal Hospital

  • I highly recommend this product to everyone seeking help with eye stains on their dogs

    I started using the OcuBright sample given at the conference and a few weeks later, stains were gone! I’ve never used a product before that helped so well with tear stains, even staining around the mouth as well. I am a veterinary receptionist in Apopka, Florida.

    I was informed of this product at the 2015 North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando and thought, this would be a wonderful product for my dogs to try. I have two Shih Tzu’s named Whiskey and Scrappy. After a few weeks of using this product, the stains were gone! My groomer asked me, “How did you get rid of the eye staining?” and I told her about OcuBright.

    It’s great for most dog’s diet and can be given like a treat, just one chewable daily. Most dogs love the beef flavored chewable, and it comes in sizes from small dog to large dog. The product is always available at my veterinary hospital or I can even order it online at my convenience.

    I love this product. It gives me peace of mind knowing my dogs love it too and benefiting from it is even better. It also offers money back guarantee in case it didn’t work out for you. We’ve offered it in our hospital since January and have not needed to refund any of our clients. Their feedback is overwhelmingly satisfied. I highly recommend this product to everyone seeking help with eye stains on their dogs. Give it a try, you will be amazed at the results!

    - Atiya Pherai
    Veterinary Receptionist
    Park Avenue Animal Hospital

  • I am extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend this product.

    I was introduced to the OcuBright product while attending the North American Veterinary Conference. I was interested in this product because I have quite a few clients who are concerned with tear staining on their dog’s face. I have a West Highland White Terrier who had severe tear staining. I began using OcuBright as directed and within 2 weeks I noticed a difference in my dog’s facial discoloration. After 4 weeks of using OcuBright she had no more staining under her eyes. We now use the product for 1 week out of each month. I am extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend this product.

    - Heidi Goss, DVM
    American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

  • All in all, we are very satisfied with the results of OcuBright

    Fullerton Hills Pet Clinic opened over 35 years ago by a Doctor named Dr. Cho. At Fullerton Hills Pet Clinic we see a variety of dog and cat breeds for all your common issues, including vaccinations, surgery, regular check-ups and several other issues. We have a large population of Maltese’ and Shih Tzus’ in our area who are common victims of tear stains; so we were very excited when we discovered OcuBright. In the past we used to sell Angel Eyes and saw only a small percentage of patients responding with regular treatment. We were very excited when we were introduced to OcuBright and couldn’t wait to send it home with our clients. We were introduced to OcuBright through a magazine and placed an order shortly afterwards. We have had clients continuously return to purchase another bottle of OcuBright and have seen great improvement. Some of the girls working at the clinic have tried it on their own pets and were very pleased. All in all, we are very satisfied with the results of OcuBright and will continue to do business with you. Thanks for a great product.

    - Fullerton Hills Pet Clinic

  • The product has loyal clients who buy repeatedly. Our dog owners are pleased.

    I’ve finally found a product for dog tearstains that I can endorse with confidence! We’ve been giving OcuBright to our patients for more than 20 months and have seen excellent results. Tear stains disappear within 1-3 weeks. We’ve noted no side effects. The product has loyal clients who buy repeatedly. Our dog owners are pleased. They say their dogs like the taste of OcuBright, which makes it easy to administer the once-a-day treat. I will continue to recommend OcuBright to my patients and am happy to let others know about our success with this product.


    - Jose Barboza, DMV
    South Broward Animal Hospital

  • Tearstains had completely disappeared within just a few weeks

    My Veterinary staff and I have been using OcuBright for the past 2 years on our dog patients with porphyrin staining, that dark reddish tearstain beneath their eyes. The results have been exceptional!

    Within just a few weeks, dog owners reported that the tearstains had completely disappeared, and have remained gone for months on just a minimal dose.

    In the past we had tried many other remedies, but none has been as effective as OcuBright. We are delighted to have finally found something that really works.

    As a veterinarian, I can only recommend those products that are healthy for pets. OcuBright passed the test with flying colors. While the results of the clinical study said OcuBright was safe, it was the feedback we received from our dog owners that really convinced us. They have all reported that they have seen no side effects.

    I happily give OcuBright my full endorsement.


    - Keith Manning, DVM
    East Side Animal Hospital

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