The Story
Behind OcuBright


Jimmy, the Bulldog that Inspired a Business

When I was growing up, our family pet was a bulldog named Jimmy. We loved him dearly.

Jimmy had a beautiful thick coat. But beneath his eyes were dark red tear stains that were impossible to miss. They made our fine-looking pup appear unhealthy and unhappy. We tried many remedies but none had an effect.

Many years after Jimmy had passed on, I had an opportunity to work with a veterinarian and mentioned Jimmy’s tear stains. The vet said she had seen many dogs with the same problem. She knew it troubled their owners, but she hesitated to recommend any of the products currently on the market because they were difficult to administer and only minimally effective.

We began to research the problem. After two years we had developed a safe, effective product that solved the tear stain problem. It was a chewable, beef-flavored dog treat given once a day. It removed tear stains within 4 to 6 weeks and had no known side effects.

We named it OcuBright, and spent another year conducting clinical tests to ensure it was safe and effective before bringing the product to market in 2011.

Since then, OcuBright has been recommended by numerous vets and used successfully with thousands of dogs. Additionally, our company donates the product to shelters. It helps dogs with tear stains look attractive, making them more likely to be adopted.

As demand for OcuBright grows, I will always remain indebted to Jimmy, who not only was the sweetest dog I’ve ever known, but also was the inspiration for this important product.

Wishing you and your dog all the best,